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New photo album titled EDU Official Scrapbook now posted on the Diver's Scrapbook page. Please enjoy!
The CNDA is very deeply saddened by the passing of Lloyd Smith on 17 April 2015. He will be deeply missed. Our sincerest sympathies and condolences go out to all his family and friends.
Retirement Cdr King - 20 Apr 15
See Calendar of Events Page for details.
New 2015 reunion information is now posted at the top of the Reunion Page of this web site.
New Dippers Digest Issue 91/15 is now posted on the Library Page. This is now a member service meaning you will need to obtain a password from the CNDA executive for your chapter by email once membership is verified.
New items on the Calendar of Events Page.
2012 Reunion Souvenirs still for Sale. Details on the Kit Locker or Reunion Web Pages
NAVYDIVER.CA is now on facebook. Simply login to your facebook account and search out NAVYDIVER.CA and request to join the group.



 Web Site Forum
The new forum is a place for retired and serving divers

to connect and exchange ideas. Please also note that the CNDA has a Group

Page on Facebook.  Simply search for NAVYDIVER.CA


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The mission of the Canadian Naval Divers Association (CNDA) web site is to keep the Naval Trained Diver, both Active and Retired, informed and aware of what is happening within CNDA and other matters pertaining to Service Diving in Canada. It is also intended to keep everyone in touch with others of the diving community who may have been friends and diving team members from those tremendous days in the past.


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